"I make art, because I love the process."   Jami Nix Rahn

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The Earthscapes Series derives from my interest in the formal aspects of landscape painting tantamount to my concern for the changing physical environment of the earth.”

“This series recalls the earliest landscape painters in ancient China who sought to emphasize the emotional and spiritual aspects of painting, revealing harmony between man and nature.”




Urban - Suburban

This series was inspired by history and genre paintings that I studied in museums while living in Europe.  Unlike the modern galleries where visitors would spend mere seconds looking at a work of art,  the history and genre paintings would capture their attention for extended periods of time as they read the painting for every detail.


Photo-Real Painting

My subjects were photographed during travels which led to the photorealistic appearance of these paintings.  At one point in the conversation between painting and photography I began to insert an 8x10 digital print into each painting, the viewer was now confronted with the question of painting or photograph?



Just too tempting.



Commissions are an opportunity for me to work with clients and within boundaries. Commissions are always a welcome challenge.  Email: info@jaminix.com to start your project!