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The Apple Awards

The Apple Awards were created for the ISS Global conference held in Orlando Florida.  Over the course of a year I corresponded with the clients and met with them several times when they journeyed from Europe to Orlando.  Once the first draft drawings were accepted, I began work on the clay models keeping the client updated on the progress and timeline for completion. 

Once the clay models were approved they were taken to the foundry for mold making and bronze casting.  Typically bronze sculptures would then receive a traditional patina but the client asked for them to be painted and finished in the style of my recent sculpture series based on urban street art spray painting. The sculptures were brought to my studio where I completed each piece with a unique design.  The works were then finished with an auto body clear coat before being mounted on black marble bases.  Bronze plaques were affixed for category award winners and each award was accompanied by a certificate of authentication and an artist info pamphlet.